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About Dr. Maheshkumar Dinkar Bankar

• M.S. (General Surgery), V.M. Medical Collage, Solapur. (2003)
• D.N.B. (M.N.A.M.S.) Delhi. (2004)
• F.M.A.S., Chennai. (2008)
• FIAGES. (2010)

Present Status
• Consultant Laparoscopic Surgeon and Endoscopist in Shraddha
  Surgical Hospital since Feb 2004.
• Consultant Surgeon in IGM Hospital lchalkaranji since August

• Deccan Society Surgical Endoscopy Conference with prominent faculties from Mumbai; was major conference
  arranged in Ichalkaranji which was attended by over 300 delegates.
• Active in arranging Deccan Surgical Conferences in Ichalkaranji.
• Periodic CME are arranged by Shraddha Surgical Hospital for doctors in and around Ichalkranji.

State - of - art equipment and Operative Expertise.
1. Video Gastroscopy - First hospital in Ichalkaranji to have Video Gastroscope

• Diagnostic and advanced Therapeutic Endoscopy done for patients with foreign body in pharynx, esophagus, or
• Endoscopic banding done in active G I. bleeding cases. Such emergency cases earlier were referred to Kolhpapur
  or Sangli for further management.
• Doing bedside ICU GI scopies in moribund patients in other Hospital.
• With small diameter GI scope Endoscopy in pediatric patients and foreign body (eg. coin, etc) removal done.
• Recently with addition of Videocolonscope we have a complete Endoscopy unit.

2. Video Laparoscopy
• 1288 HD STRYKER Camera
• LED STRYKER Light Source
• Vessel Sealer
• LED Monitor - STRYKER
• C02 Insufflators - STRYKER

Shraddha Surgical Hospital is the first and one of its kind to have advanced Laparoscopic setup in Western Maharashtra. To add one more feather to our cap was the addition of Harmonic Scalpel.

Our is the only hospital in Ichalkaranji and one of the few in the district to boast of such cutting edge technology Laparoscopy setup. With a Harmonic scalpel electric current actually does not travel in patients body is the only hospital in Ichalkaranji and one of the few in the district to boast of such cutting edge technology Laparoscopy setup. With a Harmonic scalpel electric current actually does not travel in patients body. So very useful in patients with pacemakers. It also enabled us to perform complicated surgeries precisely with minimal bleeding and negligible normal tissue damage. These advanced instruments coupled with technical expertise and skill acquired opened a way for many advanced and difficult Surgeries.

Operative Experience
• Over 3000 successfullaparoscopic surgeries under belt ranging from Appendicectomy, Cholecystomy and
• Surgeries like Laparoscopic Splenectomy, Intestinal Perforation (D.U and ileal), Thoracoscopies to name a few
  were performed for first time in district. These were acclaimed by esteemed faculties in different conferences.
• Some Surgeries like Thorascopic decortications, Laparoscopic Hernias (All types) were made available in
  Ichalkaranji for the first time.
• We have different small scope and instruments for pediatric cases by which Lap. surgeries are routinely done in
  infants also.
• We are doing Laparoscopic surgeries in pregnant patients for other abdominal pathologies with minimal risk to
• Performed Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy, Ruptured Ectopic Gestation, Lap .Ovarian cyst and other
  Gynecologic Lap. surgeries.
• Alongside we have Endoscopic urological surgery facilities like TURP and Ureteroscopy.
• Open surgeries for Thyroid, Breast and Cancer are also routinely performed.

Other Supportive Facilities
Shraddha Hospital is first to have Anesthesia Work station. This machine increases safety during anesthesia by manifold times.

With availability of advanced instruments good infrastructure, trained supporting staff and the necessary operative expertise. Shraddha Surgical Hospital has emerged as as 50 - bedded well equipped Hospital. These are not only cosmetic but definitely reduce recovery time, minimizes over all cost as less medicines are required. 50 preferred by patients from tchalkaranji, Hatkanangale taluka and adjoining Karnataka. Due to successful operative outcome patients are also referred from Sangli and Kolhapur to Ichalkaranji for these procedures.

With upgraded knowledge and strategic investments in surgical equipments, my vision is to provide high quality Minimal Access Surgery accessible and affordable to all.