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The new millennium is witnessing a revolution in the field of minimal invasive surgery with availability of Laproscopic Techniques, Advances in Video Imaging Technology and new Energy Sources.

Duodenal Ulcer, Variceal Banding, Foreign Body Coin, Foreign Body Ring, Ca Esophagus - Biopsy and Hiatus Hernia etc.

* Harmonic Devices are truly versatile - cut,    coagulate, grasp and dissect without    instrument exchange.
* Confidently seal and cut vessels upto 5mm.
* No electricity passes to or through the    patient.


Harmonic Scalpel, Vessels Sealing Systems, 1288 HD 3 Chip Camera, L 9000 LED Light Source, Fujinon Video Gastroscope, Delux Room etc.


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Shraddha Surgical Hospital

Shraddha Surgical Hospital is the first and one of its kind to have advanced Laparoscopic setup in Western Maharashtra. To add one more feather to our cap was the addition of Harmonic Scalpel.

Our is the only hospital in Ichalkaranji and one of the few in the district to boast of such cutting edge technology Laparoscopy setup. With a Harmonic scalpel electric current actually does not travel in patients body.... read more

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